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A DMD drunken night in tweets

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Akron/family – Silly Bears

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Hell yes!

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Inspiration: Almost Famous

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We are not Groupies. We are here because of the music, we inspire the music. We are Band Aids.


Here’s some epic head banging

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Thundercats Hooooooooooo!

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Trailer’s out for the new series!

I wish I didn’t have a job and still smoked weed.

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DMD 5/02/11 in pictures

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Here are some more photo’s from our last night. They were taken by the very talented Kazunori Nishibiro.

Lets Wrestle

Warm Brains


☼ Can’t wait for summer day-trips to Brighton ☼

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DMD Feb – A late review!

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I’ve just realised we never did any blog posts about our Feb 5th night at The Old Blue… This is not because it was a forgettable night, but because things are so crazy at DMD HQ at the moment that sometimes stuff falls off our radar. Lame, I know.

However, it’s never too late, so here we go!

The night was an absolute blast, one of my favourite DMDs ever and the best way to start the year for us. The bands were all awesome. Colours were as good as every time we’ve seen them and it was really special to see Warm Brains‘s first gig ever and Let’s Wrestle‘s first show with Sam on the bass.

Also kudos for all our djs, especially Tough Love who decided to play every single band that was in the audience (from Male Bonding to Fair Ohs to Weird Dreams). It was hilarious!