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Dum Dum Girls

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We’ve been going on about Dum Dum Girls since early last year… so we got super happy when Upset The Rhythm offered (ehem, or we suggested them they should offer us…) to DJ their show at Bardens Bodoir tonight.
Yesterday, after our Ladyfest meeting, we ventured ourselves to The Old Blue Last to see if we could still catch some of their set but we ended up talking about black hearts and curly hair downstairs! So yeah, we’re super excited about bringing the tunes in between the shows tonight… Also I still haven’t seen Male Bonding or The Human Race (I know, where have I beeeeeeen!?). It’s going to be a wicked night.


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Our monthly homage to an awesome lady musician – This month it’s a very punk Debbie Harry. Hot!

This photo was taken by Laura as we were leaving ATP -the fan’s strike back. Best fucking weekend EVER!

Our very talented and hansome friend Yuki from Bo Ningen

The foxy Anastasia from Club Baby Honey. Rawr!

Wetdog are ace

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Can’t shift this song out of my head today… and I’m pretty ok with that.

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Ladyfest Crafter Dark

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Most of you probably know that we’ve got involved with Ladyfest this year and are helping to organise the 10 year anniversary festival. Although we can’t divulge any details at the moment, we can say it’s coming together very nicely and most of our meetings entail at least one or two squeals of excitement! So be sure to join on facebook and pop us an email if you fancy getting involved. Anyone can be part of Ladyfest, that’s the beauty of it; we need people with loads of different skills and talents, from artists who want to curate exhibitions, to film makers, literary boffs or just someone that is really organised and bored!

The first of many run up events is an evening run by our very talented crafts group at The Victoria. We’re DJing with Scene Not Heard and Girl Germs (Woop!) and well yeah the flyer tells you all about it…

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Went to Brixton for the first time in two years last Thursday, and I only did it ‘cos two of my favourite bands were playing, Invasion and the oh so mighty Bo Ningen. They’re also the bands I think I’ve seen the most in London, but they never ever fail to blow me away. They’re off on a UK tour together so if they happen to be in your city don’t be stupid enough to miss them.
I stumbled across this video of Bo Ningen today. It has amazing footage of a gig they played for Anthony God Don’t Like It, at The Queen of Hoxton last October. That was such an epic night, after Bo Ningen played we DJed till about 4 in the morning and then the entire club followed us to some house party on roof in Brick Lane. We felt like the pied pipers of Shoreditch. Ah fun times. Anyway, the video is part two of an interview with Yuki and Taigen, who explain the true meaning of Maguro. Enjoy!

Kathleen Hanna talking about the riot years

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While wearing the biggest glasses ever, ha.

via The Guardian

I woke up in my make up

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Yesterday was pretty exciting, as Mireia and I managed to get our hands on two, last minute Hole tickets thanks to our knights in shining armour, Scene Not Herd.

Eeeeeeee! HOOOLE!! If you’d told my 15year old self that I’d be seeing Hole live in London in twelve years time… I’d have pfft’ed at you.

We met everyone in the pub for pre-pints and Baby-Guinness’ and then headed to the Shepherds Bush Empire, after skillfully missing the not-so-great support acts. The general consensus was that, there was a strong possibility it would be a bit shit… fun, but shit, you know?  Luckily for us we were proved totally wrong and Hole blew us away!

She turned up, on time and sober and played all our faves. The new stuff is pretty good too, no instant anthems, but nothing offensive either. Courtney looked as Courtney should – disheveled, but beautiful non the less and although she seemed a bit tired at times, admitted having to use ‘Axle’s teleprompter’ and struggled with some of the tricky notes, the crowd was 100% behind her and sang along to every word. Coutney still has it. Long live Courtney!

Set list:

‘Pretty On The Inside’/’Sympathy For The Devil’
‘Skinny Little Bitch’
‘Miss World’
‘Letter To God’
‘Pacific Coast Highway’
‘Reasons To Be Beautiful’
‘Nobody’s Daughter’
‘How Dirty Girls Get Clean’
‘Celebrity Skin’
‘Doll Parts’
‘Northern Star’
‘Never Go Hungry Again’

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Stags Night 01 over and out!

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So Friday saw our very first Dance Magic Dance at the wondrously ram-shackled Stags Head in Dalston and we are pleased to announce that it was an absolute blast!

It’s so very rare that you get to deal with down-to-earth, genuinely lovely people in the music scene in London, yet over the past few months we’ve been lucky enough to meet quite a few, one of them being Matty who owns The Stags. He and all his staff made us feel right at home.
We started the night off with a mandatory run to the fish and chip shop round the corner with our friend Dan from Danimal Kingdom, and once our bellies were full and all the bands had sound-checked, One Fathom Down took to the stage.

OFD consists of Tony Wade on guitar, Dan (Pocketbooks/Loves) on bass and Jake (Popular Workshop) on drums and they play instrumental psycho surf metal. Close your eyes during one of their sets and you may as well be moshing… on a beach… on acid.
Personally I think Tony is one of the best guitarists on the London scene, and he manages to play such intricate and complicated riffs without ever looking and sounding like a total show off. Seriously, I looked around the room during one of his songs and at least half of the audience had their mouths open in amazement. Go and see for yourself (and don’t miss their damn fine Twin Peaks Theme Song cover).

Next up were The Vinyl Stitches, first thing I noticed was they had a girl drummer (YESSSSSS!). I’ve yet to meet someone that doesn’t think girl drummers are the coolest girls EVER.
Their set was one foot stomping song after the next and although it’s easy to compare them to The Sonics and The Ventures, who are obviously a heavy influence, I think they deserve their own credit. They write beautifully turned out Garage Beat.

To finish off the evening were French Kissing, they have quite a following and the crowd was having a great time bantering with them, while they struggled though some unfortunate sound problems (hey it was our first night, ok? we’ll bring our own amp next time!). But they didn’t let that get them down they played all the perfect pop songs that have made them so popular and got a rapturous reception for doing so. They have an amazing 7″ single coming out which you should all go and pre-order here – if not only for the cover… Who thought bestiality could look cool!?

We were lucky as ever to have the legendary Jon Slade play some records for us in between the bands. For those of you who don’t know, Jon played guitar in Huggy Bear (one of the best riot grrrl bands ever), he still plays in Comet Gain (one of the best indie pop bands ever) and runs Born Bad in Brighton (one of the best surf/rockabilly clubs ever). The man has talent boys and girls, and top top it all off, is one of the nicest people we’ve ever met.

So that was that. Stags 01 was a wrap and we were beaming. I bounded off to Baby Honey at The Buffalo Bar to catch the last few drunken songs and left over pieces of Anastasia Baby Honey’s birthday cake while the other two stayed at The Stags for one of their famous lock-ins. Shhhhh.

We can’t WAIT till our next Stags night. Don’t miss it!!

Ladyfest Ten logo competition

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Preparations for Ladyfest Ten are well on their way but you may have noticed that we are mysteriously missing a logo. Well that’s where you come in.

We are offering you the chance to become one of Ladyfest Ten team and design the official logo for the tenth anniversary of Ladyfest! Your design will be used on flyers, posters and everything Ladyfest related and you’ll get a free pass + 1 to the festival.

Ladyfest Ten celebrates ten years of international diversity, support and discourse amongst feminist communities, comprising artists, musicians, creatives and activists.

If you think you have the creative know-how, start whipping up a cracking logo with these requirements:

– Two versions of the logo in black & white + color (if needed)

– The logo should read ‘LADYFEST TEN’

Submit a .jpg or .tiff file of your design before the 24th of February with your name and contact details.

More information about Ladyfest at