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Feliz Navidad!

Posted in MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on December 24, 2009
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Baby Honey

Posted in CLUB NIGHTS by dancemagicbelle on December 17, 2009

We said a sad farewell to the lovely Twee as Fuck last week with their final show at The Buffalo Bar. But there are exciting things on the horizon, as Rory and Anastasia from TAF are teaming up with Daniel from So Tough! So Cute! (Malmö, Sweden) to bring us Baby Honey.

Earlier this year I had a very drunken night out at Twee As Fuck and ended up leaving the impromptu after party, which was held in stationary cupboard in Soho (er… that’s a whole ‘nother story) and finding myself taking an even more impromptu plane ride to Sweden. Rory was DJing at So Tough! So Cute! in Malmö and we spent a weekend eating falafel, lounging in Folkets Park and dancing the night away with Daniel and his friends at Retro. I think it was pretty much the best weekend of my life. Anyway Daniel decided to move to London a few months ago so now three of my favorite peeps are running, what is sure to be, an amazing club night. Yay!

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2009: My favourite gigs

Posted in GIGS by Laura H on December 17, 2009

Final Fantasy @ Union Chapel

Bo Ningen @ Offset Festival

Devo @ ATP vs The Fans

Blur @ Hyde Park

Monotonix @ Warehouse Party

Part Chimp @ White Heat

Duchess Says @ Stag & Dagger (The Macbeth)

The Duloks @ Bestival

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any videos of the last four…

Lightning Bolt

Posted in GIGS, MUSIC by mirrreia on December 9, 2009

They’re playing this Thursday, go see them!

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Why Riot Grrrl?

Posted in ART, MUSIC by mirrreia on December 6, 2009

Riot Grrrl is a feminist punk movement, sometimes seen as the starting point of the third wave feminist movement which essentially claims the diversity of women, ambiguity of gender and a celebration of sexuality.

Riot Grrrl started in the early 90s in Olympia and Washington DC, and the very beginings were a reply to the dominating male DC punk hardcore scene with bands like Minor Threat . Punk hardcore scene was strongly male dominated and girls found very difficult to participate in it.  Young women found their own way to claim for their interests and feminists opinions by themselves through music, fanzines, talks and meetings.

That could be a start, but what fascinates me the most is that taking out the label ‘feminist’, Riot Grrrl was born from every girl that decided to pick an instrument and start a band, write an article and self publish it or talk to some other girl and inspire her to start her own way to say something. This way Riot Grrrl became in the early 90s a strong underground movement without leaders or a definite ideology but just a natural feeling of angry girls to say something.

Soon Riot Grrrl became mainstream and featured in national press which did more harm than helped to spread the word. Riot Grrrls were ridiculed and sensationalized turning their ideas into an ‘anti-men’, ‘bad-music’ or ‘anti-fashion’ movement. That was a total shock for the girls involed in the movement and decided to not cooperate with the press anymore and encourage girls that really wanted to know about it to look for it by themselves. Riot Grrrl was though and vulnerable, it was a movement not willing to change the world but simply girls inspiring other girls and for me that’s what is all about.

I love riot grrrl and I’ll be more keen to like a band just for the fact that they’re girls. For me all those bands are a way to project my female thoughts and my female role models. I was thinking to write a list of good influential riot grrrl bands and bands that inspire Riot Grrrl but there’s so many that I don’t know from where to start. Instead, here’s a bunch of bands I think are starting a new ‘girl’ movement, still to define (might be better not to label it):

Telepathe, Vivian Girls, The Rayographs, Wet Dog, Comanechi, Dum Dum Girls, Brilliant Colors, Coathangers, Trash Kit, Pens, Plug, Grass Widow, Betty and the werewolves, Finally Punk, La La Vasquez just to name a few and the record labels distributing them M’lady’s Records and Twin Grrl Records…

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This is what happens at Girls Girls Girls

Posted in DMD Club by jumpmagicjump on December 6, 2009

Girls Girls Girls is so much fun, and last night was no exception!

The very lovely Miss Wunderkitten played an awesome set for us (full of songs by The Donnas, Pop Tarts, Bikini Kill and many others) and thought that her last tune could only be Kate Bush’s classic Wuthering Heights. By that time, people was already dancing like crazy and two totally random strangers decided to take over the stage and delight us all with a special choreography:

This has happened before. In fact, Girls Girls Girls is a night where loads of things always happen. Our favourite is receiving notes. Since pretty much night number 1 people come and hand us over little notes with song requests and many other comments. We always try to keep them (even though we’ve lost a few, especially that napkin conversation) and we’ve thought that it’d be nice to share them with everyone.

I don’t have a scanner, so I’ve taken pictures of them:

Girls Girls Girls feature + playlist (Neu Magazine)

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