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Homecoming Queen

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We are awaiting the return of the La La Vasquez lovelies, with open arms and bated breath.  They’ve been whizzing around the UK and Ireland with Girls Names, stealing peoples hearts and probably their beer too (jokes!).

After our epic birthday weekend with Divorce, Bitches and Andrew Milk we’ve just about recovered and are ready to start all over again, hosting the London date of The Cracked Upstart tour (a little anagram for all you wordies out there).  We’ve added Veronica Falls to the bill to make it all the more amazing.

Easter Shmeaster lets get drunk again!



Tight leather and tassels. Yeah

Posted in MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on March 28, 2010

It’s not (really?) a secret that us Dance Magic Dance ladies have a thing for Bon Jovi… It’s one of our favourite guilty pleasures -amongst others we won’t name- and one of the many things that made this the best weekend ever was the time we spent checking old Bon Jovi videos on the internet… So we thought we’d share our faves with you. Because we love you so much.

This video made us literally cry… with laughter. It’s like Bon Jovi’s take on Carrie/Dario Argento. Kind of. Fire, perms, explosions, smoke, amazing set decorations,… Watch till the end. It’s priceless. And the keyboard guy is a genious.

This video is worth watching merely for the outfits and the fact that the keyboard player (he really is our favourite) is playing a little keyboard… using a grand piano as a keyboard stand. Classy. Laura tried to convince The Racket to cover this song once, but apparently it’s too difficult (ahem)…

This is proper Nineties Bon Jovi.: the sepia-ish cinematography, the sunglasses, the earrings, that vest with no shirt underneath,… We were teenagers at the time and Belle and Laura confess to have fancied Jon Bon Jovi. Mireia prefers not saying anything….

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Now I wanna be your dog

Posted in MUSIC by Laura H on March 27, 2010

It’s My Party And I’ll Puke If I Want To

Posted in Uncategorized by jumpmagicjump on March 24, 2010

That’s the plan anyway…

Getting hilarious updates from the Divorce fun bus heading to Nottingham for their first show of the tour: “… we gotta move our ass, we started late. And now we need to do a piss stop. Tour trials!!”

Catch them at DMD at The Stags tomorrow!


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Los planetas

Posted in MUSIC by mirrreia on March 23, 2010

It’s time for some Spanish nostalgia! Los Planetas was the band that every single indie kid listened in the 90s.
In Spain is very difficult for an indie band to make it into the mainstream, but Los Planetas are one of the few (if not the only) indie band that made it and lived out of their music.
The best noise guitars and the best lyrics about trips, drugs and love that portrayed a generation.

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You were right about the stars…

Posted in MUSIC by Laura H on March 21, 2010

… Each one is a setting sun

Cure your hangover with some noise

Posted in GIGS, MUSIC by mirrreia on March 21, 2010

After Friday’s Dance Magic Dance our bodies were crying for bed but after having some food at The Diner we went to yet another great night put by Upset The Rhythm. I could live forever happy just going to UTR gigs, so it is great to be invited to play some tunes in between the bands of their shows.
Times New Viking were in town, part of a massive tour around Europe that will bring them back in London in April 26th (so if yesterday you weren’t there you must keep that date free!). Here’s a video of the show taken by our friend Daniel from So Tough! So Cute!

Supporting TNV were Prize Pets, from whom I had heard really good things and they didn’t disappointed at all, I loved the creative bass lines making me want to bounce around with my eyes closed, and Cold Pumas, which they need no words as for me they are one of the best bands around at the moment (ssssssh we could listen to their new single Beat Mystery / Party Drip 7″ fresh from pressing and it’s awesome!).

Oh the pleasures of life…

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Darth Maul Directs New Hot Chip Video

Posted in MUSIC, TV by dancemagicbelle on March 18, 2010

The new Hot Chip video hit the interweb today big time. It was directed by Peter Serafinowicz and it’s pretty fucking hilarious.

I work for the company that did the editing on it so, got a sneek preview and got to meet Mr Serafinawinavinawicz himself . I tried to look all nonchalant as I cracked open a bottle of coca cola for him, whilst inside my head I was like, “OMG it’s Darth Maul, should I tell him that I follow him on Twitter? Would that be weird?” Luckily he was swept away to his edit suite before I could embarrass myself.

Anyway I’m really curious to hear what everyone has to say about the video, so far it’s be a mixture of Woah’s, Huh’s and WTF’s.