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DMD 5/02/11 in pictures

Posted in DMD Club, MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on February 28, 2011

Here are some more photo’s from our last night. They were taken by the very talented Kazunori Nishibiro.

Lets Wrestle

Warm Brains



☼ Can’t wait for summer day-trips to Brighton ☼

Posted in MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on February 28, 2011

DMD Feb – A late review!

Posted in DMD Club by jumpmagicjump on February 23, 2011

I’ve just realised we never did any blog posts about our Feb 5th night at The Old Blue… This is not because it was a forgettable night, but because things are so crazy at DMD HQ at the moment that sometimes stuff falls off our radar. Lame, I know.

However, it’s never too late, so here we go!

The night was an absolute blast, one of my favourite DMDs ever and the best way to start the year for us. The bands were all awesome. Colours were as good as every time we’ve seen them and it was really special to see Warm Brains‘s first gig ever and Let’s Wrestle‘s first show with Sam on the bass.

Also kudos for all our djs, especially Tough Love who decided to play every single band that was in the audience (from Male Bonding to Fair Ohs to Weird Dreams). It was hilarious!







Via Afrika – Hey Boy

Posted in MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on February 21, 2011

I totally love this song. It’s by a South African band who were around from 1983-1985, the country’s darkest years of Apartheid. In the lead singer Rene Veldsman’s  own words they were  “a glamorous protest against government policy, homophobia, the constraints on freedom of expression and, generally, the rules in place during the apartheid years”. And even though the track was banned on the radio, it became a cult hit for both white and black South Africans.

This isn’t the official video for ‘Hey Boy’ I think someone just soundtracked this footage of some crazy Sowetan train surfing. Enjoy!

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Sweet Bulbs in Brooklyn Vegan

Posted in MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on February 21, 2011

The lovely Sweet Bulbs who played for us at in New York last year were featured in Brooklyn Vegan the other day and they even used the photo I took at our gig. (Including the messy scrawl at the bottom of it. It was dark and I was wasted OK?).

This really made me miss summer and New York so bad- the Cake Shop, the weirdos on the L Train, the street tacos and the cute skater boys.

Sweet Bulbs’ self titled debut album is out now. Click on the picture below to go to the original post and score a free download.

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♬ Hanging out behind the club on the weekend ♬ Acting stupid getting drunk with my best friends ♬

Posted in MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on February 21, 2011

This weekend was jam packed full of surprise parties, birthday parties and after parties.

Here’s a picture from Mar Sellar’s birthday at The Victory on Saturday night. Heavy-oke!!

Freya from La La Vasquez, Jen from Radio 1 and Johny from…er…Hounslow singing Blink 182

(p.s We’re DJing for Johny at The Alibi soon. Come.)

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Valentines djing this Sat!

Posted in DMD DJ's by jumpmagicjump on February 10, 2011

The secret is out!

Posted in DMD Club, MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on February 4, 2011

Why I thought ‘Black Swan’ wasn’t that great..

Posted in FILM by Laura H on February 1, 2011

Black Swan‘. The film that everyone was waiting for, the one that they’re all taking about. The one that so many people have called masterpiece and that so many people keep on praising on Twitter and Facebook and blogs.

And I wonder… really?

I wanted to see ‘Black Swan’ very badly: it had a great trailer, greater posters, and the plot seemed fascinating. However, when I left the cinema last Saturday after finally seeing it, I felt disappointed.

Here are the reasons why…


I guess that the ‘Black Swan‘s target audience is not the same one that goes to the ballet, so the fact that what the movie tells about ‘Swan Lake’ is half invented is probably unknown to most of those who’ve seen it. Unfortunately for me (at least in this case) I’ve always been a ‘Swan Lake’ fan: I love the music, I love the story, I love the ballet. Which is why I know that the black swan is not the evil twin of the white swan as the film kind of suggests. Nor that the white swan is such a fragile character. It’s true that the white swan is a Princess (Odette) that’s been transformed into a swan by an evil wizard (Rothbart), but that’s about it. On the other side, the black swan (Odile) is the daughter of Rothbart who is transformed into a white swan lookalike to fool Siegfried (the Prince) so that Odette’s spell is not broken. Both parts are played by the same dancer, yes, but they’re different characters. And the black swan only appears on Act III of a four act ballet.


While watching the film, I found it very hard to engage with it. For some reason, I had a constant feeling that every single thing that happens in it happens for the sole reason that it’s cool, scary or shocking. I didn’t really see any logic behind it, just a collection of moments that suited Aronofky’s desires. For him, characters and emotions are disposable. One moment they’re here, the next they’ve gone. There are too many things in this film that could’ve been explored so much more but remain simple, flat and empty stereotypes (the character of the mother, for instance).


I know that Aronofsky’s never really been into subtlety but… this was a little too much.

I don’ think we needed every single detail in the movie to be black or white (the clothes, the decoration in Vincent Cassel’s apartment and studio,…) to understand what this film is about. The same way that we don’t need the Swan Lake music everywhere (jewellery box? mobile phone tone?).

Aronofsky makes such an effort in turning everything ‘Swan Lake’ that it gets to a point where it seems that there was/won’t be any life in any of those characters before/after what the movie tells. And that takes a lot of humanity off them.


Is it me or every time he opened his mouth it was to make a huge statement that, deep down, was pure cliche? His character’s so over the top that it’s almost a caricature…

*THE SOUNDTRACK (well, not the music itself)*

I find slightly embarrassing the fact that the credits of the film say ‘Original Score by Clint Mansell’. I do love Clint Mansell, but half of the tracks of this soundtrack are (beautiful, that’s for sure) arrangements of Swan Lake. Surely Tchaikovsky deserved a mention?

* * *

Still, I don’t think the movie is a complete disaster. It is true that Natalie Portman is amazing as Nina, that it’s visually stunning, that it’s shot beautifully and that the last 30 mins are quite breathtaking. But for me, it’s not the masterpiece everyone’s talking about…