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I’m sure we’re going to hear a lot about them.

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I’m sure you’ve all heard the sad news by now… those short-shorts wearing, star trail singing Duloks are calling it a day.
We met Mira Manga on Bonfire Night in 2007 and later that week Mar and Amina at our first Duloks show. We were in awe of Mira’s lightning fast and hilarious heckler comebacks, thought Bad Vegetarian was the best song we’d ever heard and we all got on like a house on fire. Over the years they became the band that we’ve put on the most at DMD, we’ve travelled to festivals and shows far and wide with them, we were there to wave a sad farewell to Amina when she decided to become a uni boffin and welcomed the ‘never a dull moment’ penis loving Abi Dulok to the team and most importantly we have become really great friends. So to say good bye and thank them for all the ace times we’ve had over the last 3 years we’ve put together our favorite Dulok DMD moments:

3 Little Pigs Photoshoot

When we first started DMD our flyers had a running theme, namely fairlytales and we used to get all our friends to dress up as characters and spend a saturday afternoon taking photos of them. Our favorite flyer had to be the one when we dressed The Duloks up as The Three Little Pigs with their very hansome friend Kennedy as The Big Bad Wolf (with a slight twist). Queue loads of giggles, strange looks from passers by and an awesome day out in the park.


The Duloks were due to play in Paris at La Flèche d’Or and a few of us thought it was a pretty good excuse for a Parisian weekend away. So we booked our Eurostar tickets and headed off a few days before the show to do some sightseeing. They ended up having to cancel the show because Mira’s jaw had been rewired and wasn’t well enough to sing but they came out anyway just for the night. We met them in a beautiful and very French restaurant and ate streak and pommes frites and then spent a few hours wondering around Montmarte. Of all the dinner dates we’ve had with The Duloks, and there have been a few, that was definitely the most extravagant!

Logo Day

The Duloks needed a new logo and asked us (Laura and Mireia) to design it for them. It turned out to be a whole afternoon of tea drinking and drawing – two of our favorite things. The brief was: ‘Can it look like Jem and The Holograms?’ We also talked loads about relationships and sex. Like Sex and The City. But in Dalston. Yup.

Tent Street Parties

Mar Dulok has been living in the same flat for just over 4 years now and it has become pretty legendary for its mental fancy dress house parties. The Duloks almost always played in the living room (in fact if we think that’s were they played their first ever gig) and everyone would know all the words and sing along. There are so many funny stories from Tent Street Parties, like that time Belle got interviewed by the BBC whilst being hit on by a boy, and the time Ed fell asleep in the bath… yup so many but to be honest a lot of them best stay in Tent Street.


The Duloks were booked to play Elastico Club in my (Laura’s) home town and I was lucky enough to be there on holiday at the time. We hung out and had dinner with the promoters, The Horrors and Stero Total and then they played the craziest gig ever. 1000 Spaniards dancing and screaming. Mira made me translate the song titles into Spanish and my brother joined them on stage for ‘Star Trail‘. Then we got DRUNK!

Dulok Stage Invasion at DMD

As we mentioned before The Duloks have played for us LOADS. We hosted the show that was broadcast on Channel Fives “Generation Sex” and their ‘Children of the Sea’ Ep Launch to name but a few but our most memorable Dulok DMD moment had to be the time that they printed out the words to ‘We Are The World’ for the audience and got everyone to get up on stage and sing it with them. Only they could pull something like that off in the middle of Hipsterville!


The Duloks were kind enough to give Laura and I (Belle) crew passes to Bestival last year and it was yet another weekend of constant giggles. We had posh camping with a jacuzzi on a double decker bus , unlimited tea, redbull and haribo, and lovely couches that we could lounge in- until Kate Moss came and kicked everyone out. Abi stole Mika’s carrots and I  went on my first ever fairground ride. (it was the Ferris Wheel and I screamed all the way ). The Duloks played on The Bandstand stage at the bottom of a really steep hill and the soundman gave Mira a wireless mike for their set. I don’t think he really knew what he had actually done. When he handed it to her,  her eyes just lit up, she burst into the next song, ran up the length of the hill through the crowd, danced under the wooden rainbow at the top, spooned a member of the crowd who had fallen asleep, adopted a middle aged women who tied her shoe laces for her and stopped mid way through a song to chase after her boyfriend who was going for a wee, all the while shouting into the mic, ‘Oi where do you think you’re going?’. Obviously the crowd loved every second of it. Mar and I are sworn festival buddies after spending one year blagging our way into a festival almost every weekend… at one of the last festivals we went to on that crazy summer Mar got so wasted that she stuck her face in my falafel pita while I was trying to eat it and then promptly threw up on our friend Sagar’s leg. Oh Marbles…We laugh about it now.

So that’s IT an end of an era… to say your final farewells come and see the last show on Saturday at The 2nd Floor Cafe and Venue (just next to London Fields). They have managed to convince Bolt Action Five to renuite for one show and Hot Breath Karaoke (the best karaoke party in the world) will keep us partying till the sun comes up! Oh and we’re DJing too.

See you there!

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