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Soundtrack for the weekend

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Weiner Dog t-shirts

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A couple of Magic dancers went down to the Stags Head last night as the lovely people of MILK put this amazing line up: Trash Kit, La La Vasquez and Bitches. We all knew each other virtually but it was nice to put faces, bodies and voices to Facebook avatars.

Due my height restrictions I barely saw any show (please Matty, could you build a higher stage so people like me can at least see the heads of the musicians? although I must say I love the no stage thing… oh dunno!) Anyway, I could still hear the music and see slightly the shows and it was suuuper fun! I had seen Trash Kit supporting No Age already and this time was the confirmation that they really kick ass! I loved La La Vasquez‘s cover of New Order’s Blue Monday, you can see the riot approaching! And what can I say about Bitches, this is their third gig I go to and it’s just exactly the type of band I would like to be in.

So because we love these bands so much (this is not considered spam as it happens to be in our blog), it turns out that La La Vasquez and Bitches are playing Dance Magic Dance soon, woo!

6th February @The Old Blue Last – Girls Girls GirlsPENS + La La Vasquez

25th March @The Stags Head – Dance Magic Dance presents… Divorce + Bitches

Riot Grrrl in The Guardian

Posted in Riot Grrrl by mirrreia on January 23, 2010

Laura Barton has written an objective article about what Riot Grrrl was and its main characters.

It is worth reading the comments below as they add the opinions and experiences that the article lacks. There’s also some comments that reflect how Riot Grrrl was (is) perceived and attacked.

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New flyer baby!

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Madrid has cool bands too

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They aaaaaaare from Barcelona

Posted in Uncategorized by mirrreia on January 5, 2010

I left Barcelona about 4 years ago and since then I’ve been losing more and more connection with the music scene of the city. It seemed the music scene stopped for a while, in some way carried away by the council’s politics to transform Barcelona in a city just for tourists looking for sun and Gaudi. But this time I come back with a bunch of bands I can’t stop listening to and that have awakened the memories ‘dels vells temps’.

Well here you go, I know I’m missing loads and is always better a playlist but click the links and search for yourself from this small selection of some of my favourite bands of the old and the new times of Barcelona…




The Kongsmen

HELLO CUCA (not from BCN… but couldn’t resist)




Going out on Monday is ok, even if it’s very cold

Posted in GIGS by jumpmagicjump on January 5, 2010

Last night 2/3 of DMD and some friends popped to The Stag’s Head in Dalston for a little last minute secret party hosted by our friends the people at Stolen Recordings. Stolen is one of our favourite labels in the world, they have really amazing bands and everyone there is lovely. We always enjoy it very much whenever we do things with them.

For this occasion, they had No Cars and Let’s Wrestle playing. We’d been wanting to check No Cars for a while, so it was good to finally see them, they were very cute and sweet. As for Let’s Wrestle, we hadn’t seen them in ages and ended up missing most of their set due to business talking in the upstairs flat (but we can’t talk about it here… yet). We hope to properly see them again soon though.

The night was lots of fun, it was great seeing so many familiar faces, and the party went on forever. I got home at 3am, not bad for a Monday!


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Joss Whedon rules the world

Posted in FILM, TV by Laura H on January 2, 2010
Yup, it’s me again, the geeky one. And this time I’m gonna talk about yet another one of my heroes:
I know: many of you will be wondering “who this dude is”. Well Joss Whedon is one of the coolest people in the world, mind you. And from my point of view, the master of sci-fi and fantasy TV of our days.
Born and raised in New York, Whedon moved to LA to pursue his script-writing carrer and was one of the people responsible for films such as Toy Story, Speed and Alien Resurrection. However his “big” moment came with Buffy The Vampire Slayer. A typical 1990s teen flick (it even had Luke Perry in it), the movie wasn’t very well received, and thinking about all its lost potential, Whedon decided to turn it into a TV series which he even directed himself.
My relationship with Buffy was a bit of a hate-love one. The series were aired during my mid-to-late teens and by that time my life was all about being very serious and reading Albert Camus, so a show like this seemed a little stupid. However it is also true that I wouldn’t miss an episode, so eventually there got a time when I just had to admit to myself that I loved Buffy: it was so charming in its B-movie absurd style, so well written (if you think about it), so funny, so not-really-scary,… and it had vampires in it. In fact it had one of the coolest vampires ever: Spike, who looked like Billy Idol and had the most amazing kick-ass lines in the world. He was hawt.
The best thing about Buffy is that it got better season after season (who could forget Once More, With Feeling, the musical episode) and the day when it was announced that 7th series would be the last was just sad. I still remember watching Buffy‘s last episode ever with my brother at home. It was epic. There’s even a chance that I shed a tear.
Due to the success of Buffy, Whedon created a spin-off: Angel. Now I must confess I have never really watched it (or not beyond a few episodes). It just didn’t feel the same. However, Whedon’s next series were probably my favourite thing that he’s ever done…
Firefly is just the best thing in the world. It’s space meets western. It’s pure awesomeness. It was cancelled before the end of first series due to poor numbers. It was treated very BAD by Fox: they only played 11 of the 14 episodes that had been filmed, they didn’t play them in order, they aired the pilot at the end,… Totally unfair, as Firefly was a critical success and, thanks to the wonderful internet, is now a cult show. In fact it has so many fans that thanks to super DVD sales Whedon could make Serenity, the movie that tells you what happened after the end of the (first) series.
Firefly has the same qualities as Buffy: a choral cast tight as hell, B-movie style charmness, a quirky sense of humour and, again, one of the best male characters ever: Captain Mal Reynolds. He’s the best thing that’s happend to men in sci-fi since Han Solo. Seriously.
In fact these are some of the things that I like the most about Whedon: he has a style, his own style. You can tell by the look and, more importantly, the feel of his work, that it’s him. He loves working with the same actors (just like David Lynch does), he writes really cool characters, he’s a little bit of a femminist, he loves losers, he’s all about cheap special effects and saving the world.
Over the last few years he’s been quieter tho. He created Dollhouse (which I still haven’t seen… and I should), wrote some comic books and, perhaps most importantly, directed Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Now this was something completely new: written with his brother and other family members, Dr Horrible is a 45-ish minute long musical that is available for free on the internet (if you live in America, otherwise look for it on YouTube). No-one got paid for making it and each member of the cast and crew gets a percentage of the DVD sales.
Dr Horrible tells the story of the bad guy, the one that always loses, the one that really wants to be a super-villain. He’s fantastically played by Neil Patrick Harris (of Barney Stinson fame) and joined by other Whedon usuals (yes, Nathan Fillion rocks). The whole thing is SO MUCH FUN that I think you should go and watch it right now (that is if you haven’t seen it yet).

Slightly depressing but true

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