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We want Don Draper back into our lives

Posted in TV by mirrreia on January 20, 2011

The story of an advertising agency set in the New York of the late 50s doesn’t sound like the most exciting or accessible plot for the masses but even so, it has  managed to become a cult series.

The extremely accurate representation of the time through little big details like the set design and the styling, has made Mad Men a heaven for designers and collectors, with its own collector dolls (my birthday is in June, just so you know…), auctions selling the furniture and clothes featured on the series and countless blogs analysing every single detail on it.

Since I got into Mad Men a while ago, I’ve been talking about it to everyone: “it starts slow, it’s very subtle, but give it a few episodes and you’ll see!”. Nothing seems to happen but everything is happening without words. Everyone tries so hard to fit and be politically correct (or at least what that meant in the 50s…) while everyone betrays eachother behind their backs… The real hook of Mad Men is being an analysis of a crucial period in modern history, and a perfect dissection of the stereotypes through perfect crafted characters. And at the same time, the fact that those stereotypes are not far from our days makes each of us feel close, related or attracted to them.  So yeah, even though we hate to admit it, we all love Don Draper… So please bring him back soon!



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