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First DMD Live Show of 2011!

Posted in CLUB NIGHTS, DMD Club, DMD FLYERS, GIGS, MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on January 14, 2011


More about this bunch to be announced the day before the show. Keep an eye on the DMD twitter/blog/facebook to find out who they really are!


The brand new solo venture of super producer and sonic wizard Rory Attwell. He’ll be rounding up some of London’s finest musicians to join his band for this, his first live show!

Rory first pogo-ed on to our radar in 2004 alongside Dev ‘Lightspeed Champion’ Hynes with their band Test Icicles. He has since settled down behind the mixing desk and gone on to produce some top-drawer hits for a lot of our favorite bands at his Brattwell HQ.
Seriously, everything that this dude does turns to gold, and going by what we’ve heard so far, this project will be no exception.


In true ‘1 degree of separation’ East London style, Colours are one of the bands on Brattwell Recordings’ list of feats.
They are also the dudes behind the awesome Marshal Teller Records who are set to release Warm Brains’ first full length LP very soon. (I know. My brain hurts too).


Tough Love Records
French Kissing

◄ Best head down early for this one ►


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