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The best 2010 DMD moments that Mireia’s broken memory can recollect

Posted in DMD Club by mirrreia on December 17, 2010

If you know me you’ll know that my memory is rubbish, on top of that I’m extremely indecisive and I’m not very good at making lists, so a ‘best of the year’ list is a huge deal for me.

Laura has already listed a lot of the good gigs we went to, so I’ve decided I’ll make a list of moments in 2010 that for some reason (probably because they were pretty special) have stayed in my memory, hurrah!



And lets start with the exception. It’s not a moment, but Fang Island has probably been the album that I’ve mostly listened to this year. Although I was in London and NY when they were playing in those cities, I missed both gigs… Here’s one of the cutest videos ever, them playing for a bunch of 3 year old kids…


* Meeting some pretty awesome punk legends *

We met Viv Albertine when she played for our Girls Girls Girls night and she invited us straight away to go to ATP with her, win!! Once there we saw The Raincoats playing live, which was amazing and later on the year we met Gina Birch, who also played GGG.


* Divorce ‘improvising’ Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’ when the lights went off in their show at the Stags *

There’s no need for words, that was a fucking memorable moment.

* Girls live @Kutsher’s Country Club – ATP NY 09/05/10  *

Since I saw them live in Primavera Sound the year before, I have been hooked to them. Girls know how to make the perfect love song… and I think every single girl fell in love with them that evening.


* DMD New York at The Cake Shop *

We made it! For years we have had in mind to put a show in NY… Last August we packed our bags and headed to NY to put a show at The Cake Shop with Sisters, Girlfriends, Slow Animal, Sweet Bulbs and Candy Hearts, and we had the best time ever! We had never seen any of those bands live, but it all went great and I hope we can bring some of them to London to play sometime…


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