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Laura’s Top 2010 Gigs

Posted in GIGS, MUSIC by Laura H on December 16, 2010

2010 has been such an awesome year for music. So many great bands and records and blogs and labels and… GIGS! If there’s something I like is going to see bands, and this has been an amazing year full of many brilliant shows.

This is obviously the reason why I have decided to create a list with my favourite 2010 live music shows. It includes festivals but excludes Dance Magic Dance nights, as a mother can never choose between her children 😉

As you’ll notice, there’s lots of bands names repeated. I guess it’s easy to see who my favourite bands are!

Since I can’t decide a running order, here you have them all chronologically organised. The year is not over yet, so who knows if there’ll be any last minute additions…



Funnily enough, we (DMD) almost didn’t make it to this show. We’d been going out for too many nights in a row and I remember it being a very cold and hangovery Sunday. However, and knowing that this was too good to be missed, we dragged ourselves to Bardens ‘oh how much I miss thee’ Boudoir and saw Not Cool, La La Vasquez, Fair Ohs, Spectrals, Mazes and specially Cold Pumas play some seriously awesome sets. In fact, this will always be remembered as the day we fell in love with Cold Pumas (they probably don’t know this… yet).


LOVVERS + FRENCH KISSING + SEX BEET – March 1st (The Stag’s Head)

Because there’s no party like a Monday night party… And no venue like The Stag’s Head. Another one that closed its doors this year and that we dearly miss. Putting on shows there was great, going to shows was even greater, and this was a fab line up made of friends and family of the best pub in London.


WEEZISH + PENS 182 – May 2nd (Bardens Boudoir)

Pens become a Blink 182 tribute band for a day, The Killer’s UK tribute band becomes a Weezer tribute band for a day, the kids in East London go crazy. This was an equally hilarious and bizarre event. I seriously feared for my life at one point. And for the band (they looked scared). I also remember that we danced a lot.


ATP CURATED BY PAVEMENT – May 14th-16th (Butlins, Minehead)

I love ATP, it’s the best festival in the world (alongside Primavera Sound). And if it falls on your birthday, then it’s even better. Cakes, a competition to see who came up with the most original way to sneak drinks into the venues, chalet parties, walks in the beach, meeting bands that give a very wrong first impression,… and obviously Pavement, lots of Pavement!


DUDEFEST II – June 6th (The Cowley Club, Brighton)

This year I’ve been to Brighton zillions of times. I’ve played gigs there, I’ve taken my parents for a day out there and I’ve been to gigs there. I love the fact that it’s so close to London and well, I just love the place really. Mireia and I spent a very hot Summer Sunday walking down the streets and then locking ourselves for many hours in that boiling pan that was the Cowley Club to see Cold Pumas, The Sticks, La La Vasquez, Prize Pets, Lovvers and Brilliant Colours. It was A LOT of fun.


TOUGH LOVE ALL-DAYER (July 24th, The Stag’s Head)

Tough Love Records‘ 5th Anniversary Party fell on the same day as that hideously organised festival that’s 1234 Shoreditch. After some guestlist fail, we decided to spend our day melting at The Stags Head (yes, Summer was very hot this year) and watching some of our favourite bands -Prize Pets, Cold Pumas, Fair Ohs,…-. This was also Weird Dreams‘ first gig ever, and it was great. After the last band we moved onto one of the festival’s afterparties where we saw more bands (of which I can only remember Human Hair) and then ended up sitting in Hoxton Sq with Lovvers / Human Hair / Prize Pets folk till daylight. It was awesome.


READING FESTIVAL – August 27th-29th (Reading)

On paper, Reading is the worst festival in the world. In real life, it probably is too. However and for some reason, my first ever Reading was a lot of fun. It might be because Mar and I got Guest passes, because we crashed at the Hilton for a night, because we hang and met so many friends, because we actually saw some decent bands (Warpaint, Tame Impala, The Drums, Health),… or maybe, probably, because I finally got to see Weezer. And that was special. They even covered Teenage Dirtbag!


FANG ISLAND -September 8th (The Old Blue Last)

Fang Island’s eponymous album is one of my fave records this year. It’s pure geek joy. And joy’s what I felt when I read they were coming to London… to play The Old Blue Last. It took me around 2 seconds to email them and offer myself to dj at that gig, which I did. And what a gig that was. They’re one of those bands that you just can’t stop looking at, so good. And so lovely too!


LIARS – September 28th (Heaven)

I’ve been a Liars fan for ages. However and for some reason, they’re one of those bands whose gigs I seemed to miss all the time. That’s why, after missing their millionth London show this year, Mireia and I decided to buy tickets to whichever the next one would be. Which turned out to be this one. And a hell of a gig. One of those that really take you somewhere else, that you just wish never ended.


SPECIAL MENTIONS: Women + Cold Pumas (The Social), Thee Oh Sees (Plan B)


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  1. myhairlooksflat said, on December 19, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    That Cold Pumas show…god, the loudest thing ever. Lovely list. I’ve totally missed out on Fang Island so I have to check them out

  2. You Know Who, Hernando said, on December 20, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    I can’t believe the BAF reunion didn’t make it into this list…

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