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I’m Still Here

Posted in FILM by Laura H on September 26, 2010

I went to see I’m Still Here tonight and it was ace. I’d been wanting to see it for ages, not only because I think that Joaquin Phoenix is one of the best actors in the world, but also because I’m completely sure Casey Affleck is one of the coolest dudes ever (warning: this opinion might have a lot to do with the fact that I was blown away by his performance in The Killer Inside Me).

There’s been a lot of buzz around this title since Phoenix and Affleck started working on it, and even though now everybody knows that the whole thing was fake, you still kind of buy it. I mean, it’s SO real, it feels SO real, he IS so real.

As someone who’s followed Phoenix career, I remember when he said he wasn’t going to act anymore, and when he said that he was going to become a hip hop artist, and when he fell off that stage (I mean, that was all over YouTube), and that David Letterman show,… And seeing all those things again tonight, from another point of view, was quite an interesting experience.

But even more interesting is the fact that not everything in here is fake. I mean, yes, he was faking, Affleck was faking, their friends were faking,… but what about the press? The audiences? Those scenes of JP (yes, that was his rapper name) watching the news or reading on the internet really horrible things about him… that’s just hard. I always tend to have mixed feelings when I watch documentaries, and this was no exception. There’s a lot of things here that make you laugh. However, if you think properly about them, they really are sad things (even if we know they’re not true).

Still, this only makes I’m Still Here richer. In fact, I think that what I have liked the most about it is how many layers it has, how many reads you can have of it. It’s a documentary, it’s a fake documentary, it’s a film about someone’s misery, it’s a film about Hollywood. It’s just so interesting in so many different ways, so well done, so well edited and so well acted that it’s truly one of the best things one can see at the cinema right now.

<SILLY FACT THAT ONLY I CAN NOTICE> One of Joaquin’s musical/career buddies, Ant, used to play in Spacehog. His brother married Liv Tyler… whom Joaquin dated before… whooah </END OF SILLY FACT>


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