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AAA TTTT PPPPPPPP!!!! Nothing gets us more excited than ATP let alone ATP in New York! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. BEST FESTIVAL IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

Friday was the ‘Don’t Look Back’ day where previous curators of the festival played, Saturday was the ‘ATP 10 Year Birthday Party’ with friends of ATP and recording artists playing and Sunday was curated by Jim Jarmusch.

We got the bus from Brooklyn to our home for the weekend… The Raleigh Hotel. Now, we’re used to ATP UK’s weird location in a super kitsch holiday resort but ATP NY took that weirdness to a whoooole new level. The lobby was very plush, if a bit outdated, with flowery and ornate decorations everywhere but once we got our room key and headed around the corner our jaws just dropped. It was like walking into The Shining, abandoned child play prams, wheelchairs and piles of dirty mattresses in the hallways, stained carpets, broken doors, creaky floors and an unforgettable stench. If we’d been staying there on a gerneral holiday I think we’d have walked straight out but as it was full of ATP goers it just added to the hilarity of it all. On Friday we were scared to sleep with the lights off… by Saturday we were having wheelchair races with other ATP people in the hall.

The shuttle bus from The Raleigh to Kutchers Resort was an American school bus (WIN!) and our favorite driver was George, he’d squeeze as many people in as possible, play country on the stereo and ask us how our night had been. Our least favorite driver was the one that reversed into a tree, blowing out the back window, and didn’t even realise until someone pointed it out. (Yikes!)


The festival itself was amazing and probably the best line up of any ATP we’ve been to. I’ve found some pictures and videos of the best bits. (I stole them off the interweb so if someone wants credit just let me know.)


Iggy and The Stooges

What a fucking show! Iggy may be 63yrs old but he’s still one of the best performers you’ll ever see. What made it even better was that my holiday read was Legs Mc Neil and Gillian McCain’s absolutley BRILLIANT ‘Please Kill Me – The Uncensored Oral History of Punk‘ where he features heavily. I’ll never forget the first time I saw him, at Reading ’95 where he slashed his chest open while stage diving and spent the rest of  the set coverded in blood, it was quite a sight. No such casualties  happened this time but I did feel so sorry for his stage manager who’s job it was to keep ol’ Iggy from killing himself by jumping in to the crowd every two minutes and trying to overturn speaker stacks. Here’s a video of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” unfortunetly it doesn’t show Mike Watt’s amazing amp humping bass solo (guess you had to be there). You can actually see Mireia and I in some shots, we started off at the back of the mosh pit but it all be came too exciting to miss so I went right to the front where Iggy almost head butted me. He’s not The Passanger, he’s a very naughty boy!

The Breeders

They remeinded me of seeing The Raincoats back in the summer at ATP UK, so relaxed on stage and obviously having a great time. They got Steve Albini’s wife on the phone so that we could all wish her a happy aniversary  and they made us want to be in a band.


T Model Ford

I grew up listening to a lot of Blues so was pretty stoked that T Model Ford was playing ATP. He’s an absolutely fascinating character, born in Mississippi somewhere around 1920 (he says he can’t remember when), he spent his teenage years plowing fields and working in a sawmill, then a few years later was convicted of murder and sentenced to 10yrs on a chain gang – he’s basically a living, breathing Blues song. He spent all three days of ATP just hanging out in the halls meeting people and always had the biggest smile on his face. What a dude! We stumbled upon his impromptu jam in the hallway between the stages:


Raekwon and GZA Wutang

They did a cover of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Shimmy Shimmy Ya and had Ron Jeremy introduce them. Pretty epic.



This one came as a bit of a surprise as, although Mireia loved them, I never really ‘got’ their album, it was OK but didn’t really do much for me. After the set they played at ATP I’m totally hooked. It was slowed down and beautiful. We both stood right at the front and melted. You can listen to the whole thing here.



Sun0))) and Boris perform together as Altar. It was immense I had to stand right at the back of the room cos my ears started to hurt. I stupidly put my beer on the barrier wall in front of me and with in 3 seconds the vibrations made it fall on someones head who was one tier below me. (oops! maybe that’s why they give you plastic bottles now days). Here a great video… you’ll just have to imagine 2 hours of it and 100db louder.


Frankie Don

Ok so the video I found was from 2009 BUT he was defintely a highlight this year too so I’ve put it in.

What a legend.


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