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Films about The Runaways

Posted in FILM, MUSIC by mirrreia on June 30, 2010

We’d been waiting to watch the movie about The Runaways since we heard about it and looks like it’s finally going to hit the UK cinemas on the 27th of August. However, and since it’s been out in the USA for a while that also means that it’s been obviously leaked on the web and ooopsie, we’ve already watched it!

I am disappointed as I probably had (too) high expectations from it; the trailer was promising (it did its job, I guess) and both Kirsten Stewart and Dakota Fanning characterizations were very close to the real Joan Jett and Cherie Currie… Just the fact of someone having decided to take the story of the first all girl rock band and shape it like a Blockbuster was exciting. However, I think the film is a very soft version of what it could have been, and it feels like a missed opportunity to portray a band that made history. The movie is dull and it lacks of a storyline to understand characters’ behaviours and their relationships. Anyway, at least it ticks all the boxes of what a rock movie should be, which is always fun. So call some friends, get some pizza and sing along.

On the other hand, if you really want to know what was going on inside The Runaways, then I’d recommend ‘Edgeplay: a film about The Runaways’, directed by Vicky Blue, who replaced Jackie Fox in bass in 1977. This documentary features all the real members of the band talking about the 5 years they were together. Joan Jett is missing but it includes Suzi Quatro and Kim Fowley, the brain that saw the potential business of an all girl band (a well creepy man!).

The documentary, although a bit too long, is a raw tale of the psychological abuse the girls suffered by the aforementioned Kim Fowley to become rock stars. They did become rock stars, but such abuse produced a big lack of self-confidence on the girls, which led to intricate relationships of camaraderie and jealousy between them. On top of that, they had to cope with a proper rock’n’roll lifestyle being just a bunch of extremely talented teenagers.

Fuck yeah The Runaways


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