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Dance Magic Dance at The Stag’s Head with Golden Grrrls + Cold Pumas + Fair Ohs

Posted in DMD Club, GIGS, MUSIC by mirrreia on June 29, 2010

We had booked this line up so long ago and we were sooooo excited about it that we felt like it would never arrive! But our first show of the summer did finally come around… on one of the hottest days of the year!

The Stags Head was a boiling sauna ready to embrace us and make us sweat, sweat till we couldn’t sweat no more,  so before the gigs kicked off we all gathered in the beer garden in our shortest shorts and pints of cool cider in hands. (I love cider on a hot day almost as much as I love a boy in shorts).

The first band to hit the stage was Fair Ohs. I remember dancing to their songs on a very cold Sunday of February dreaming that I was dancing on the beach somewhere in Brazil, mojito in hand. Ok so we weren’t exactly in Brazil on Thursday but at least it was hot and Fair Ohs were as fun as ever (with ongoing in-jokes about Cold Pumas). I can’t think of anyone I know that hasn’t seen Fair Ohs yet, but if you haven’t what are you waiting for? Your next chance is on the 24th of July at The Stags Head again at the Tough Love Records all-dayer (hello! Killer line-up!). We’ll be there for sure.

We took a quick break outside to get some fresh air but soon a rush of repetitive riffs and tribal drums coming from the stage made the crowd squeeze inside the venue again. Cold Pumas are one of the best bands we’ve seen on stage in a long time, and the Brighton three piece were on top form that night, making everybody in the audience nod their heads in time to the beat, completely mesmerized. Again, catch them at Tough Love Records all-dayer (did I mention before? Killer line up!)

The night was almost over and the Glaswegian headliners Golden Grrrls took to the stage. We were running a bit late so with literally 20 min to go till we had to pull the plug, they stormed through their set barely taking a breath between songs. The urgency of it all just brought the whole evening to such a high that I don’t think the audience will forget them in a hurry. We certainly have ticked them off as one of our favorite bands. Even they said to us later in the evening, that it was one of their best gigs ever! They’ll be back for the annual Hainault gathering, Offset Festival- Don’t miss them.

After the bands finished we kept on partying, filling the street with noise and booze and pissing off the neighbours, so the lovely staff at The Stags somehow managed to thin out the crowd to just about acceptable lock-in size, smuggled us all inside and drew the curtains. Little did we know that The Stags was facing a Health and Safety inspection at 9am the next morning. (God Bless them!)

So that was that, I can safely say it was one of our best nights yet, so many friendly faces, incredible bands and we all probably sweated out a kilo or two in the process! WIN!


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  1. Anthony said, on June 30, 2010 at 11:00 am

    Shame we clashed but REALLY looking forward to the Tough Love all dayer what an amazing bill. The return of Graffiti Island 🙂

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