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Posted in TV by Laura H on May 23, 2010

As DMD’s official geek, I feel it’s my duty to write an entry about LOST, which says goodbye forever tonight…. (Sky 1, 5am, I’ll be there).

Lost has been a part of my life over the last 6 years. And that’s quite a lot of time. I remember watching the pilot when it came out in the US and not feeling too interested about it. And then I remember suddenly falling in love with it half way through the first season. The characters (so memorable, so well written), the dialogues, the way it talked about society, the sci-fi vs religion bits, the continuos wtfs, the ability the writers had to create a whole new and strange universe that had so much sense in that island,… For me, Lost was the best TV series ever made after Twin Peaks. TV Magic. And now it’s gonna be over.

I quite liked it when it was announced that Lost would only last 6 series. These days it’s really easy to get series (and film franchises) extended forever unnecessarily just because of money reasons, and I didn’t want that to happen to something I liked so much. Something that was so special.

Surely Lost was never perfect. Some seasons were better than others. Some characters were better than others. Some situations were better than others. But it always had an authentic feeling about it, and was really good at surprising (the end of series 3 is one of the best things EVER to be done in TV history). However, I won’t deny that the current and last season has been extremely disappointing. In a way I feel that it’s got to a point where none of the things that happened before matter anymore (dear science, where are you?), and I don’t like that. One of the things that always fascinated me about Lost was how intelligent the writing was, and I haven’t felt that in series 6.

However, this is not stopping me from feeling so excited that I’m starting to think I won’t get any sleep tonight. After so many years… who wouldn’t want to know what happens in the end? So yeah, my alarm clock is programmed, and I have bought pop-corn and everything. And we’re only 7 hours away… and counting…


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