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Posted in GIGS, MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on May 13, 2010

As I mentioned earlier, Viv Albertine gave us guest passes to Matt Groening’s ATP when she played for us at GGG. So Mireia and I set off on a bus adventure all the way to Minehead on Saturday afternoon. (Laura couldn’t make it as she was playing with her band The Racket.) Now the thing about guest passes is that you’re only allowed into the festival on the day that the artist is playing and you also don’t get accommodation… so although Mireia and I were sure we’d sort something out, I did have flashes of us sleeping on a park bench in the rain.

First obstacle was a security guard that got on to our bus at the entrance barrier, asking for tickets. When we said we were on the guest list he looked at us sceptically and ordered us to the production office. We wandered in that general direction, hid behind a bush until his back was turned and then legged it as fast as we could into the festival grounds, half expecting him to chase after us with a baton and a whistle. The first stop was the pub where we bumped into Andrew Milk and Billy Wetdog and were promptly sorted out with wristbands for that night. AMAZING!

A musical highlight from the first night came in the form of Baltimore’s sugar rush experimental noise pop band, Ponytail (pic above). Mireia had seen them at Primareva last year but it was a first for me. SO MUCH FUN and SO GGG, I’ve decided to make it my life’s work to get them to play for us. Bumped into Merida La La Vasquez and by chance her friend had two beds spare and totally sorted us out! Woo! No park bench for us!

As we didn’t have proper wristbands we didn’t want to chance going from stage to stage where they’d be checked, so we stayed in centre stage, missing Thee Oh See’s and having to sit through an incredible dull The XX set. But aside that tiny inconvenience we had the best time EVER.

After a reasonable early-for-ATP night (i passed out mid-conversation apparently) we got up, sorted out our real passes, so as not to feel like refugees anymore and took a stroll up to Minehead town centre for a fry up. Minehead is cute but tends to smell of old people, so it took us a while to find somewhere that didn’t make me want to barf. We settled on this place..

The first band of the day were Boredoms performing Boadrum, quite a way to start the day! 7 drummers on stage, an 8 neck guitar, a wall of lap steels and a crazy dreadlocked Japanse maestro with a sampler keeping it all together. And that apparently was a stripped down set?! On 07/07/07 they gathered 77 drummers to perform on Brookyn and on 08/08/08 they up it to 88 in LA.

Here’s a video I found of Zach Hill’s entrance at ATP. Gives me goosebumps…

We headed over to Reds to catch Viv’s set and gave our ears a rest from all that drumming, stuffed our faces with pizza and ice cream, lay on the floor listening to Daniel Johnston and then the beautiful sleepy Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions (Mazzy Star and Colm Ó Cíosóig of My Bloody Valentine). After a lovely afternoon nap, we headed back to Reds to secure our spot for The Raincoats and Trash Kit double bill!

Joanna Newsom was running 25 min late upstairs and they wouldn’t let The Raincoats start till she was done, so Gina Birch came out to entertain the crowd with some jokes, and sang us an Acapella Simpsons version of Do-Re-Me that went somehthing like:

Dough, the stuff that buys the beer
Ray, the guy that sells the beer
Me, the guy that drinks the beer
Far, a long way to get beer
So, I’ll have another beer
La, I’ll have another beer
Tea, no thanks I’m drinking beer
and that bring us back to

Once they got the go ahead it turned into one of the most memorable gigs I think I’ve ever seen. It’s a well know fact that they have always been a bit shambolic live, they even joke about it themselves, but they absolutely smashed it. We jumped around and sang along, Gina and Ana chatted with the crowd (even joking with Andrew that he had won a prize for guessing a song after hearing just three chords, the prize being Ana De Silva.) We didn’t want it to end, but alas it had to, with their amazing cover of The Kinks “Lola”. They’re back at ATP next weekend though and playing at The Scala soon, so no need for goodbyes just yet.

Trash Kit, who we were jumping around to the Raincoats with us, were on stage next. I’ve managed to miss every single gig of theirs in London, but Chris Upset the Rythym gave us their album and it’s a thing of beauty! So I was really excited to see them and they turned out to be everything I’d hoped for and a perfect way to end a perfect festival. Andrew tried to organise a stage invasion but after the first person jumped over the barrier and got tackled by 3 hefty security guards I think everyone had second thoughts (sorry Ben!). They’re playing GGG in June and we’ve promised them a stage invasion then, so make sure you join us!

After a sweaty 45 min of pogo-ing we rounded everyone up and went back to Trash Kits chalet for ATParty times. Then Billy got a text saying CocoRosie were having a party at theirs so we set off, with some dodgy directions, to find it. We did a circle round the block and in that time managed to pick up about 20 people including Matt Groening’s sons (who btw look exactly like Simpson characters) and so decided to go back to Trash Kit HQ and party there instead.

Best weekend ever… and the most amazing things is we get to do it all again for ATPavement!!!

Thanks Matt you RULE!


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