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DMD- The Old Blue Last- 22/04/10

Posted in CLUB NIGHTS, DMD Club, GIGS, MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on May 5, 2010

Woo! April was a busy month for us and sooo much fun! We plotted and planned exciting new ventures, drank too much gin in the park, and put on some ace bands. We even booked an extra thursday show at The Old Blue Last to put on a line up that we’d been dreaming about for a while.

As a general rule we never really have more that 3 bands a night but after we got a last minute request from HOCUS TOCUS to be added to the bill, they sounded so good, we just couldn’t say no. They’re dead new, I think it was their 3 gig or something, but you’d never  have guessed. They hail from Brighton (so many great bands coming out of there at the moment!) and they have a very bright future indeed, with early backing from Moshi Moshi’s new singles label NOT EVEN.

NOT COOL were next up. Singer, Matt, used to be in Lost Penguin. I met Charleigh Lost Penguin at a house party once. She told me she was due in court that week for head-butting a police man. Anyway, I always enjoy seeing Not Cool, they look as if they don’t really give a shit whether you like what they do or not. That can really backfire if the band isn’t very good, but they are very good, pull it off and make it look… er…cool.

Now favouritism is a bad thing I know, we love all the bands that play our nights, that’s why we put them on, but every now and again a band comes along that just makes you just go, ‘Like WOAH’. For me that band was PLEASE. I stood through their set, right at the front, with the stupidest grin on my face the whole way through. And the girls and I just had to look at each other to know that we were all already thinking when we could get them to play for us again. I think we may have freaked them out a bit by each of us gushingly telling them how amazing we thought they were after the show. Oops- but i think it worked. They’ll be back.

AGASKODO TELIVEREK headlined to a pretty busy-if-we-do-say-so-ourselves-Old Blue, Alex Kapranos was in the audience (Oooo!) and Jamie Klaxon too (he’s always at the Old Blue though so not so Oooo!) Ok so it’s no Morrissey and Boy George but whatever.
Agaskodo are manic, strange and so much fun. Been wanting to see them for ages so glad we got them when we did, as they’re taking a bit of a break until September. I guess we’ll have to wait till then to get them to play our ‘unpronounceable band name’ themed night with Ungdomskulen. (har-har).


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