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My very first mixtape

Posted in MUSIC by mirrreia on April 5, 2010

Finally! Here it is!
I’m always telling myself I should make a mixtape but when I start selecting the songs I can’t decide which song should go first or which one I should get rid of… Then next day I listen to it and I don’t like a song anymore or I realise I forgot to add another I really like…
This time I’m sort of happy with the result, some of my fave tunes at the moment, so here you go and I hope you listen til the end!

April’s Mixtape by Dancemagicdance on Mixcloud


Masks – I Covered Myself In Fur
Forest Swords – Visits
Wooden Shjips – Loose Lips
Kurt Vile – Freak Train
Best Coast – When I’M With You
Nobunny – Chuck Berry Holiday
Sex Beet – I’M In Love With You (So Shut The Fuck Up)
Mohammed Rafi – Jaan Pehechaan Ho
The Pussywillows – Turn Her Down
The Bitters – Travelin’ Girl


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