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Punk To The Power Of The Mac

Posted in CLUB NIGHTS, DMD Club, GIGS, MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on April 1, 2010

I guess I should do a blog post about my birthday Divorce/Bitches gig at The Stags Head the other week. Only problem is I can’t really remember much of it. Luckily Laura had her camera out so I can probably give you a rough round up of what went down…

We were lucky enough to host the first London date on the Divorce UK tour. A last minute addition to the bill came in the form of Hillary Divorce and their friend/tour driver Chris’ brand new collabortation, Phat Trophies. They managed to forget their keyboard in Glasgow, but our friend Ian was kind enough to lend us his old school yamaha (that does helicopter noises, like the one in that Friend’s episode where Ross shows off his musical genius). Phat Trophies play awesome hammond heavy carnival freakout music with scary masks over on their heads. You’d be shit scared if you were to bump into them in a dark alley, but then would probably stick around for a dance anyway.

Bitches!!!! We fell in love with them when we saw them at Club Mofo a while back and knew they would go perfectly with Divorce (in fact they played together in Nottingham the night before too). Shouty girl/boy punk at its best with hilarious onstage banter to boot. They’re going to be everywhere this summer, so be sure you go and see them. We’re bound to be there, in the front, feeding them vodka jelly shots.

Then Divorce took the stage and all hell broke lose. 4 girls and a boy called Andy, who hail from Glasgow and whose beautifully brutal thrash punk would put the fear of God into any skinny jean wearing hipster. They are sooooo much fun to watch that you can’t help but act like a kid at your first metal concert. They shook The Stag’s Head so hard that the lights went out and they had to play by candle light (and the red flash application on Nathan Gossip’s iPhone) and at that point the moment we’ll remember forever happened… they started to play The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. I decided I could die happy and proceeded to follow that thought up by accepting yet more tequila shots. The rest of the night gets really blurry, there was a dinosaur cake, more Vodka Jelly, a house party and talk of a pool party (which unfortunately/fortunately we missed).

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