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Tight leather and tassels. Yeah

Posted in MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on March 28, 2010

It’s not (really?) a secret that us Dance Magic Dance ladies have a thing for Bon Jovi… It’s one of our favourite guilty pleasures -amongst others we won’t name- and one of the many things that made this the best weekend ever was the time we spent checking old Bon Jovi videos on the internet… So we thought we’d share our faves with you. Because we love you so much.

This video made us literally cry… with laughter. It’s like Bon Jovi’s take on Carrie/Dario Argento. Kind of. Fire, perms, explosions, smoke, amazing set decorations,… Watch till the end. It’s priceless. And the keyboard guy is a genious.

This video is worth watching merely for the outfits and the fact that the keyboard player (he really is our favourite) is playing a little keyboard… using a grand piano as a keyboard stand. Classy. Laura tried to convince The Racket to cover this song once, but apparently it’s too difficult (ahem)…

This is proper Nineties Bon Jovi.: the sepia-ish cinematography, the sunglasses, the earrings, that vest with no shirt underneath,… We were teenagers at the time and Belle and Laura confess to have fancied Jon Bon Jovi. Mireia prefers not saying anything….

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