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Posted in DMD Club, GIGS, MUSIC by dancemagicbelle on March 8, 2010

I have this really annoying trait of always fearing the worst when it comes to putting nights on. I always get visions of no-one turning up, the bands being really annoyed cos they’re playing to 4 people (three of them being us) and the barman looking down on us cos he’s managed to finish a whole sudoku book on his shift. So every time we put on a night and it goes well, it feels like such a relief and I think we all get a little rush from it.

Saturday night was different though, as we took our place behind the DJ booth and the doors opened, instead of counting every person that stepped through the door and wincing when someone decided to go downstairs (even if it was just for a wee!), I blinked and the place was packed.

It was doubly exciting as loads of people had come to check out Laura DMD’s new band The Racket! There was such a buzz, some pretty important music people and bucket loads of friends. They did brilliantly especially since it was Lawrence’s first time playing drums, Mar’s first time in 8 years playing bass, Helen’s first stint as a solo lead lady and Laura’s first gig EVER. James McMahon filmed the whole gig and had it on youtube by the time the second band were on stage. Watch it HERE.

The lovely Peter Parker were up next. They came all the way from Glasgow for the show, getting the bus at 08:30 (one of the boy’s almost didn’t as he woke up at 08:15) anyway, they arrived looking fresh as daisies and put on a fantastic show. Ross and Jane, being the only girls in the band, were in the spotlight (sorry boys!) and kept everyone dancing. Fun Fact: Jane used to be in the amazing Lung Leg in the Nineties. Listen.

Betty and The Werewolves played the last slot, which can often be the most difficult, as watching three bands in a row can be heavy going, but luckily for the Betty’s their music is so infectious and dancable that they cracked it with out a worry. My boyfriend and I have always said that in a perfect world, we’d have the Betty’s play in our kitchen every Sunday morning while we jump around and make eggs. If you missed them on Saturday go to his night Baby Honey on Friday to catch them.

And of course we want to say a special thanks to the ladies from Shebang Magazine who DJed between the bands (and played our favorite Stevie song). We’re going to make sure to hang out with them whenever we go to Brighton and go to their night Eagle Legs which sounds hella fun!

GGG is having a month off in April as we have the AMAZING Girls Names (who are all boys) play for us on April 3rd. They are on a UK tour with La La Vasquez and we’ve added Veronica Falls to the already stellar line up, so don’t miss it or you’ll probably cry.

Our next night is just around the corner though…
See you at The Stags!



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