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That was the 4th night out in a row…

Posted in GIGS, MUSIC by Laura H on March 2, 2010

2010 is being a crazy year. There’s so many good gigs every night it’s scary. But mostly, it’s fun. Sunday night 2/3 of DMD ventured to Bardens Boudoir for Paradise Vendors/ Italian Beach Babes compilation launch party. The 12″ features some of the best UK acts at the moment and yesterday’s line-up consisted of 7 bands (all featured in the compilation except for one). We didn’t see all of them though… after a stupidly mad weekend we were dead tired and left after five, as our bodies decided they couldn’t take any more partying.

What we saw, however, was REALLY good:

The night started with Not Cool. I had seen them months ago and really liked them, which is why I wanted to book them (they’re playing DMD on April 22nd). Funnily enough, last night they were even better than that gig… which makes me double happy. After Not Cool, The Human Race took the stage. We’d seen them on Thursday supporting Dum Dum Girls and the other night we liked them more than the previous gig. Then La La Vasquez took the stage. We love La La Vasquez to bits, they have really cool songs and they’re awesome. After them, it was time for Fair Ohs. I’d seen them once (when they supported Monotonix… though I was late and only really saw a couple of songs) and thought they were ok, but last night they were amazing. So much fun, the perfect party band. The last band we saw was Cold Pumas, which is the only band I hadn’t before seen of all playing that night. They were mind blowing. So good I wanna put on a night just to book them now. After them Mazes and Spectrals were playing. Mazes played for us on Halloween and we’d seen Spectrals on Friday, so we kind of decided it was time to go to bed. But hey, that was one of the best nights ever, and the best weekend of the year so far!


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  1. […] first band to hit the stage was Fair Ohs. I remember dancing to their songs on a very cold Sunday of February dreaming that I was dancing on the beach somewhere in Brazil, mojito in hand. Ok so we […]

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