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Ladyfest Crafter Dark

Posted in DMD DJ's, MUSIC, Riot Grrrl by jumpmagicjump on February 23, 2010

Most of you probably know that we’ve got involved with Ladyfest this year and are helping to organise the 10 year anniversary festival. Although we can’t divulge any details at the moment, we can say it’s coming together very nicely and most of our meetings entail at least one or two squeals of excitement! So be sure to join on facebook and pop us an email if you fancy getting involved. Anyone can be part of Ladyfest, that’s the beauty of it; we need people with loads of different skills and talents, from artists who want to curate exhibitions, to film makers, literary boffs or just someone that is really organised and bored!

The first of many run up events is an evening run by our very talented crafts group at The Victoria. We’re DJing with Scene Not Heard and Girl Germs (Woop!) and well yeah the flyer tells you all about it…

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