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Posted in GIGS, MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on February 22, 2010

Went to Brixton for the first time in two years last Thursday, and I only did it ‘cos two of my favourite bands were playing, Invasion and the oh so mighty Bo Ningen. They’re also the bands I think I’ve seen the most in London, but they never ever fail to blow me away. They’re off on a UK tour together so if they happen to be in your city don’t be stupid enough to miss them.
I stumbled across this video of Bo Ningen today. It has amazing footage of a gig they played for Anthony God Don’t Like It, at The Queen of Hoxton last October. That was such an epic night, after Bo Ningen played we DJed till about 4 in the morning and then the entire club followed us to some house party on roof in Brick Lane. We felt like the pied pipers of Shoreditch. Ah fun times. Anyway, the video is part two of an interview with Yuki and Taigen, who explain the true meaning of Maguro. Enjoy!


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