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I woke up in my make up

Posted in GIGS, MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on February 18, 2010

Yesterday was pretty exciting, as Mireia and I managed to get our hands on two, last minute Hole tickets thanks to our knights in shining armour, Scene Not Herd.

Eeeeeeee! HOOOLE!! If you’d told my 15year old self that I’d be seeing Hole live in London in twelve years time… I’d have pfft’ed at you.

We met everyone in the pub for pre-pints and Baby-Guinness’ and then headed to the Shepherds Bush Empire, after skillfully missing the not-so-great support acts. The general consensus was that, there was a strong possibility it would be a bit shit… fun, but shit, you know?  Luckily for us we were proved totally wrong and Hole blew us away!

She turned up, on time and sober and played all our faves. The new stuff is pretty good too, no instant anthems, but nothing offensive either. Courtney looked as Courtney should – disheveled, but beautiful non the less and although she seemed a bit tired at times, admitted having to use ‘Axle’s teleprompter’ and struggled with some of the tricky notes, the crowd was 100% behind her and sang along to every word. Coutney still has it. Long live Courtney!

Set list:

‘Pretty On The Inside’/’Sympathy For The Devil’
‘Skinny Little Bitch’
‘Miss World’
‘Letter To God’
‘Pacific Coast Highway’
‘Reasons To Be Beautiful’
‘Nobody’s Daughter’
‘How Dirty Girls Get Clean’
‘Celebrity Skin’
‘Doll Parts’
‘Northern Star’
‘Never Go Hungry Again’

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