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Stags Night 01 over and out!

Posted in DMD Club, GIGS, MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on February 15, 2010

So Friday saw our very first Dance Magic Dance at the wondrously ram-shackled Stags Head in Dalston and we are pleased to announce that it was an absolute blast!

It’s so very rare that you get to deal with down-to-earth, genuinely lovely people in the music scene in London, yet over the past few months we’ve been lucky enough to meet quite a few, one of them being Matty who owns The Stags. He and all his staff made us feel right at home.
We started the night off with a mandatory run to the fish and chip shop round the corner with our friend Dan from Danimal Kingdom, and once our bellies were full and all the bands had sound-checked, One Fathom Down took to the stage.

OFD consists of Tony Wade on guitar, Dan (Pocketbooks/Loves) on bass and Jake (Popular Workshop) on drums and they play instrumental psycho surf metal. Close your eyes during one of their sets and you may as well be moshing… on a beach… on acid.
Personally I think Tony is one of the best guitarists on the London scene, and he manages to play such intricate and complicated riffs without ever looking and sounding like a total show off. Seriously, I looked around the room during one of his songs and at least half of the audience had their mouths open in amazement. Go and see for yourself (and don’t miss their damn fine Twin Peaks Theme Song cover).

Next up were The Vinyl Stitches, first thing I noticed was they had a girl drummer (YESSSSSS!). I’ve yet to meet someone that doesn’t think girl drummers are the coolest girls EVER.
Their set was one foot stomping song after the next and although it’s easy to compare them to The Sonics and The Ventures, who are obviously a heavy influence, I think they deserve their own credit. They write beautifully turned out Garage Beat.

To finish off the evening were French Kissing, they have quite a following and the crowd was having a great time bantering with them, while they struggled though some unfortunate sound problems (hey it was our first night, ok? we’ll bring our own amp next time!). But they didn’t let that get them down they played all the perfect pop songs that have made them so popular and got a rapturous reception for doing so. They have an amazing 7″ single coming out which you should all go and pre-order here – if not only for the cover… Who thought bestiality could look cool!?

We were lucky as ever to have the legendary Jon Slade play some records for us in between the bands. For those of you who don’t know, Jon played guitar in Huggy Bear (one of the best riot grrrl bands ever), he still plays in Comet Gain (one of the best indie pop bands ever) and runs Born Bad in Brighton (one of the best surf/rockabilly clubs ever). The man has talent boys and girls, and top top it all off, is one of the nicest people we’ve ever met.

So that was that. Stags 01 was a wrap and we were beaming. I bounded off to Baby Honey at The Buffalo Bar to catch the last few drunken songs and left over pieces of Anastasia Baby Honey’s birthday cake while the other two stayed at The Stags for one of their famous lock-ins. Shhhhh.

We can’t WAIT till our next Stags night. Don’t miss it!!


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