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Posted in DMD Club, GIGS, MUSIC by jumpmagicjump on February 10, 2010
So after an extra extended Xmas break we jumped back into action last Saturday with our first Girls Girls Girls of 2010. It turned out to be one of our favorites ever and has made us super excited for the year to come.

First up was the lovely La La Vasquez – girl punk personified, and totally brilliant. It’s worth keeping an eye on them as it looks like 2010 has some very exciting things in store.

PENS headlined and got the party really going! Their perfect balance of DIY and pop and makes it impossible not to dance around stupidly, as if you were alone in your bedroom.

Our friend Daniel from SoTough! So Cute! managed to catch their best songs on video.

After the bands had finished Twingrrl Records took over the decks and kept the heaving crowd dancing, which is no mean feat, as it’s so common for people to just piss off when the bands finish.

Once the lights had come on and our favorite security guard (who always lets us play “just ONNNE more song” ) was tapping at his watch and giving us evils we got given an amazing display of pole-dancing boys and a ballet routine (along with a very impressive lift) to the theme tune of Twin Peaks. What a perfect ending to a more than perfect night.

Then it was off to the after party, no DMD is complete without one.  We met our friend Anthony, the busiest man in music promotion, at The Macbeth, hung out, drank more, listened to some amazing 7inch records and then went our separate ways, one of which ways was that AMAZING turkish soup place on Kingsland rd. It’s the sort of place that you’ll only notice when you’re shitfaced at 5 in the morning but hey it’s open all night and healthier than a dirty kebab! WIN!

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