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Girls Girls Girls is Totes Awesome!

Posted in ART, DMD Club by jumpmagicjump on February 1, 2010

Pretty much since we started running Dance Magic Dance, we’d wanted to make tote bags. We’d talked about it millions of times, and this year we decided that it was time to make it real.

Since we are such devoted promoters, we thought that instead of getting the bags done somewhere, we were just gonna buy our own screen printing kit and make them ourselves. We obviously had no idea of screen printing, otherwise we would’ve probably ordered them…

So we bought the bags, we bought the kit and then decided to make the first batch of 25 bags using our Girls Girls Girls logo. We started running Girls Girls Girls as a small, only djs, sister night, and this year we want to make it BIG. We’re gonna have loads of bands. And now we’re gonna have tote bags too!

We spent part of last week preparing ourselves for the big screen printing day: buying stuff, making stuff,… and the scariest: getting ready the photo emulsion and applying it on the mesh. I was properly worried this wasn’t gonna work. Then we met yesterday and spent pretty much the whole day screen printing. Which means that everything worked. Hurrah!

We took lots of photos during our many hours of work and heavy Diet Coke drinking. Here’s a few!

Exposing the logo onto the mesh. This took 90 mins. We made our own lamp (I’m still surprised it didn’t explode!):

Cleaning the mesh once exposed. We had a few silly moments doing this, but let’s just leave them to our own embarrassment:

About to start…

Applying the paint… This got dirty. I still have paint on my hands:

The bags!

We’ll take some of these to Girls Girls Girls on Saturday, so come down if you want to get your hands on one… and most importantly see some ACE bands.


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  1. Lina said, on February 1, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    I want one! How much please? I might blog about it too xx

  2. jumpmagicjump said, on February 1, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    Sweet! We’re gonna be selling them for £5 each. There’s a few different styles, so it might be best to check them in real life… 🙂

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