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Posted in CLUB NIGHTS, GIGS by mirrreia on January 29, 2010

A couple of Magic dancers went down to the Stags Head last night as the lovely people of MILK put this amazing line up: Trash Kit, La La Vasquez and Bitches. We all knew each other virtually but it was nice to put faces, bodies and voices to Facebook avatars.

Due my height restrictions I barely saw any show (please Matty, could you build a higher stage so people like me can at least see the heads of the musicians? although I must say I love the no stage thing… oh dunno!) Anyway, I could still hear the music and see slightly the shows and it was suuuper fun! I had seen Trash Kit supporting No Age already and this time was the confirmation that they really kick ass! I loved La La Vasquez‘s cover of New Order’s Blue Monday, you can see the riot approaching! And what can I say about Bitches, this is their third gig I go to and it’s just exactly the type of band I would like to be in.

So because we love these bands so much (this is not considered spam as it happens to be in our blog), it turns out that La La Vasquez and Bitches are playing Dance Magic Dance soon, woo!

6th February @The Old Blue Last – Girls Girls GirlsPENS + La La Vasquez

25th March @The Stags Head – Dance Magic Dance presents… Divorce + Bitches


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