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Going out on Monday is ok, even if it’s very cold

Posted in GIGS by jumpmagicjump on January 5, 2010

Last night 2/3 of DMD and some friends popped to The Stag’s Head in Dalston for a little last minute secret party hosted by our friends the people at Stolen Recordings. Stolen is one of our favourite labels in the world, they have really amazing bands and everyone there is lovely. We always enjoy it very much whenever we do things with them.

For this occasion, they had No Cars and Let’s Wrestle playing. We’d been wanting to check No Cars for a while, so it was good to finally see them, they were very cute and sweet. As for Let’s Wrestle, we hadn’t seen them in ages and ended up missing most of their set due to business talking in the upstairs flat (but we can’t talk about it here… yet). We hope to properly see them again soon though.

The night was lots of fun, it was great seeing so many familiar faces, and the party went on forever. I got home at 3am, not bad for a Monday!


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