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This is what happens at Girls Girls Girls

Posted in DMD Club by jumpmagicjump on December 6, 2009

Girls Girls Girls is so much fun, and last night was no exception!

The very lovely Miss Wunderkitten played an awesome set for us (full of songs by The Donnas, Pop Tarts, Bikini Kill and many others) and thought that her last tune could only be Kate Bush’s classic Wuthering Heights. By that time, people was already dancing like crazy and two totally random strangers decided to take over the stage and delight us all with a special choreography:

This has happened before. In fact, Girls Girls Girls is a night where loads of things always happen. Our favourite is receiving notes. Since pretty much night number 1 people come and hand us over little notes with song requests and many other comments. We always try to keep them (even though we’ve lost a few, especially that napkin conversation) and we’ve thought that it’d be nice to share them with everyone.

I don’t have a scanner, so I’ve taken pictures of them:


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