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Vampire Weekend

Posted in TV by dancemagicbelle on October 23, 2009

Ok so I know, we’ve already had a post about True Blood ~ Laura was waaaaay ahead of everyone else. But whilst I was watching it the other night my boyfriend pointed out that two of the characters look really similar to two good friends of ours, Tony and Tristan. Check it out!


Woooooaaaah. The program has just become a whole new kind of awesome. Tony has started an new band called One Fathom Down, that I’m really excited about, and he’ll be DJing some Pscho Surf tunes for us at Bedtime Stories this Sunday at The Old Blue. We’ve decided to not only make it a book swap but also a clothes swap party. Mainly because I’m moving house soon and really need to get rid of my ridiculous wardrobe!

Come and join us!


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  1. Miss Wunderkitten said, on October 23, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    Goodness me! The resemblance is uncanny! I x

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