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Is it me…

Posted in FILM by Laura H on August 20, 2009

… or these two look kind of similar?



In fact… hasn’t anyone else noticed that both films share even more similarities? That they tell the story of an actress who suddenly starts mixing reality and fiction?

I’m not here to talk about David Lynch tho. Yes, he’s my favourite film-maker ever, but everyone knows about him. I’m here to talk about Satoshi Kon, the AMAZING anime director .

I’m not a big anime fan myself. I barely know the works of Studio Gibli, but thanks to my brother’s insistence I gave Kon a chance. He said “You’ve got to watch this movie, it’s like David Lynch had copied it for ‘Inland Empire’!’ and I just couldn’t resist to that. That’s how ‘Perfect Blue’ was the first Kon movie I ever saw. And it was pretty impressive. So much that I decided I wanted to see more (such as the fantastic ‘Millenium Actress‘). Kon also directed the short anime TV series ‘Paranoia Agent’, which had one of the most disturbing end credits ever.

However, the film that made me fall madly in love with Kon was  ‘Paprika’. I was blown away when I saw it. It was so beautifully written and so visually powerful. Sometimes, when I see animated movies, I wonder why they all, in one way or another, depend on our world’s laws (and by this I mainly mean physics). ‘Paprika’ was different. ‘Paprika’ was free. ‘Paprika’ created its own world, its own reality. Not many times I’ve seen films like this, and to this day it still remains as one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.


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  1. Alex Mackenzie said, on August 21, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    Fantastic!!! This has opened up a whole world of film for me… Been getting into Ghibli and all that, and this is clearly the next step for anime! Kon rules!
    I’m now watching Paprika on youtube. So brilliant I tell thee!
    And I agree about Lynch. He’s a clever fish.

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